Time is a slippery beast. As we approach the longest day of the year here (but the shortest in the northern hemisphere), I've had some long days indeed. Days when I have stayed up late making gingerbread, days when 4am has been a restless time of reading when sleep won't come, days when news about my Dad's worsening health and the realisation of the time he has left pierces through the fabric of reality and stretches time out to eternal lengths. Time is a friend and a foe - something to be courted and avoided, both ignored and held tightly.

As Christmas creeps up I am grabbing little moments of time and holding them close. There is beauty and peace in the early morning, there is an hour in holding someone's hand. There is something meditative and calming in rolling out dough, in finding a tree in bloom. There are moments that encompass whole worlds of time and others in which time flits past like a small child - busy, busy, busy.

I hope time is kind with you over the next couple of weeks and you return the favour. Hold your loved ones close, savour your meals, enjoy the wrapping of presents and the writing of cards, make time for rest and moments of ease if you can, curl up with books. Today may be a long day of sunlight but it will go quickly too.

Wishing you all a peaceful festive season.




Kylie said...


Merry Christmas, Georgia! x

Samantha said...

Sending you a trans-hemispheric hug about your dad. I hope you are able to keep grabbing those little moments.

Jane @ Shady Baker said...

Beautiful Georgia, just beautiful. So sorry to read about your Dad's worsening health. Wishing you peace & rest too x

Missy Piggy said...

So sorry to hear about your Dad Georgia...I hope you and he get to spend some nice time together over X-mas. And remember this is all part of life...as crappy as it is, life is time marching on. I know how you're feeling...chin up buttercup.

Georgia said...

Thank you all, I have the loveliest readers! With my very best wishes for Christmas and the new year x

Lauren said...

Georgia, I really hope everything is ok with you and your family. I'm sorry to hear Christmas was a painful time for you. I, and I'm sure all your readers, are wishing you the best and missing your blog posts, but understand that things are difficult for you at the moment.

Georgia said...

Lauren, I can't thank you enough for your comment, it means a lot to me! I've been missing you guys and the blog too in amongst all the life stuff going on and I hope very much to be back here soon! Stay tuned... xx

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