if you could time travel

I recently listened to a remarkable interview with the writer Ray Bradbury. When asked which moment of his life he would revisit if he could time travel, he answered: 'Every single moment.' Have a listen to the whole interview here. It's amazing.

With that in mind, here are a few moments above of late that I would be happy to revisit:
~ afternoon tea at a friend's new sun drenched flat (where she made fresh ground coffee, polenta cake and bruschetta);
~ a chat with my elderly Italian neighbour which concluded with her giving me some flowers from her garden;
~ a cheese-plate eaten with friends, as we shared hilarious flirtation and relationship anecdotes.

Not long now till our London trip. I'm really looking forward to it but trying to stretch out the delicious sense of anticipation too. Being in the moment is key.

If you are in London during 19-22 September, come along to 100% Design, Stand L318, in Earl's Court, where you will find Kristian showing his wonderful new range of products - very exciting!

Pub lunches, ciders and steaming mugs of tea ahoy!



Missy Piggy said...

I really love the furniture in your friends flat - I have sideboard envy. Enjoy London...I'm just a "tad" jealous!

Georgia said...

I had pretty major furniture envy too - these are but a few of the MANY pics I took! Thanks, it's my first visit to the UK so I'm pretty excited:)

Jane @ Shady Baker said...

Hi Georgia! Wow, love your friends place and that delicious afternoon tea. Also love the flowers and the cheese platter...so much goodness! Kristian's designs are also very cool. If you don't post again before your trip, happy and safe travels x

the Lady said...

Ha! I wonder how Bradbury's wife, Marguerite, felt about living 57 years with a twelve-year-old. To keep our inner child alive and well is the challenge- wonderful to see someone who did.

If I could go back in time, I'd like another afternoon visit with my grandmother. She loved flowers, too.

What a lovely post. Thank you for passing on the message- and happy travels to Europe.